America's mental health Covid-19 recovery needs to start now

Not minimizing any aspect of the current COVID-19 situation, my roots in mental health services have me sincerely concerned about what happens when the physical trauma is reduced or over, if ever.  I have written about that time and being ready for it as much as we can.  An article in CNN News [link below] deepens my worry.  Two groups are, not surprisingly mentioned, for their obvious vulnerability to massive post-traumatic stress disorder, medical professionals and children [the latter group estimated to exit quarantine with PTSD levels up to four time baseline].  Data presented  for increased levels of suicide, overdoses and significant mental health issues is dire.


We may be coming late into awareness and positive planning, but hopefully not too late.  No upswing in production on N95 masks and ventilators can deal with what will be a long, deep climb out of this.


I would like to hear how you are planning for this very imminent need.

Opinion: America's mental health Covid-19 recovery needs to start now

John R. Kasich and Henry Harbin writes that in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we must not forget about the mental health of not only those on the frontlines, but those behind the frontlines as well.

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