Student Assistance Programs & Training Services LLC [SAP / TS] offers Student Care, our Program of private, professional counseling; life balance resources; and crisis intervention. The Program operates successfully in higher education and other school settings as an independent, student-focused service and a risk management partner for institutions. 

Student Care does not replace campus counseling, rather it is an umbrella to those valuable resources, extending campus counseling into an integrated, full service facility:

  • 24 hours / 365 days coverage – holidays, weekends, vacations, and school closings
  • Live clinical response to every call
  • Crisis intervention – including dispatch of local responders and duty-to-warn notifications
  • Global service capability
Student Care adds essential clinical and personal service elements for students coping with the often conflicting demands of education, career and family issues:
  • Counseling from local licensed therapists, by telephone or internet chat
  • Mobile app for full access to Program services
  • Virtual Group Counseling. Mindfulness Stress Reduction, and Life Coaching
  • Industry-leading website with constant updating
  • Legal and personal financial advice
For the Institution, the Program includes:
  • Implementation design and installation, and committed account management
  • Marketing and promotional materials[electronic, customizable and continuous]
  • Onsite orientation for staff directly involved in the Program
  • Unlimited telephonic consultation and scheduled onsite consultation
  • From Institution history, creation of Outcome Measurements and Reporting
  • Quarterly, detailed Utilization Reports

Student Care can be implemented for any size population, with national and international locations. Our service partnership with Workplace Options offers the widest of Program configurations and services, while delivering them at the most reasonable fees. 

The Program will be managed at the senior level of SAP / TS for [INSTITUTION LOGO]:

  • Paul Fleming, President was a central party to the design and operation of the successful student assistance program for the University of Phoenix, which at its onset served over 275,000 students; the program continues to this day. He contracts and implements all Programs.
  • Deb Carr, MS, RN, CEAP, LISAC, Vice President of Clinical Services directs clinical services for the Program
  • Natalie Romo, Marketing Manager is responsible for communication materials and utilization reporting
  • Other key staff will be identified as the proposal progresses


Workplace Options is the world’s largest provider of integrated Student Assistance Programs, Employee Assistance Programs, and Work-life [Personal Care] services. Service centers in Raleigh; London; Toronto; Dublin; Tokyo; Lisbon; Bangalore; and Singapore support more than 48 million employees in 59,000 organizations, across 200 countries and territories.  

Workplace Options offers services to nearly 400 institutions of higher learning, having 1.5 million employees, and 750,000 students.

Today our group supports students at campuses and online settings in Arizona and Texas. Our program is designed to augment campus counseling services by helping students manage academic, social, career, and day-to-day responsibilities.  

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